Quincy Compressor, Air Screw QSI 1500 5E8570

Model Number: QSI 1500

Frain Number: 5E8570

350hp, Single-stage, air cooled aftercooler with 10 Hp fan. Oil-injected, rotary screw air compressor, with a maximum capacity of 1500 cfm, maximum operating pressure of 150psi, and working temperatute range of -20° – 650°F. Has a 75 gallon compressed air holding tank, with oil filters, Dual inlet air filters 9" OD / 4" ID flanged inlet with 3/4" bolt holes and 4-1/2" centers, (2) 7.5" OD / 3" ID flanged compressed air inlet/outlet with 3/4" bolt holes and 3-1/2" centers, Air lines after cooler and from surge tyank- (2) 3-1/2" OD / 2-3/4" ID threaded inlet/outlets. Has Quincy control box with oil filters, air/oil seperator, air pressure gauges, air outlet temperature, oil inlet temperature, and % capacity gauges. Mounted on a 128"L x 70"W x 10"H common base frame.

OAD: 132"L x 104"W x 76"H

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