Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical PACKAGING AND PROCESSING LINES

Lines we build

At Frain, we know nutraceutical and pharmaceutical packaging and processing lines back to front. Our team can help you set up lines to quickly produce several products, including the following:

Complete McBrady Capsule Bottling Line

Complete Tablet/Capsule Packaging Line Demonstration

Complete Bottling Line Demonstration

Filling, Capping, and Labeling Line Demonstration

Take advantage of our new, updated nutraceutical and pharmaceutical packaging and processing equipment. Frain’s Plug and Play Complete Lines can be on your floor in just weeks instead of months. Produce your nutraceutical and pharmaceutical products with quality, from start to finish, and you position yourself well as a brand that will last.

“Usually, putting together a packaging line with new equipment takes close to a year,” said Luciano. “But when you don’t have the luxury of time, used equipment may be a viable option.” Pfizer was able to benefit from the enormous database of equipment, and expansive warehouse at The Frain Group, in Franklin Park, IL. The Frain Industries sales team helped Luciano track down a washer, and later a capper, for their aseptic filling line for injection bottles.