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Bakery equipment is for the handling, portion forming the final size of a bakery dough for subsequent processing. Bakery equipment refers to different types of machines that can be used in the production of bakery goods and products. More specifically, bakery equipment handle the dough used in the production of bakery goods. Depositors deposit dough or product onto the dough. Sheeters create a sheet of dough from a pre-mixed mass of dough. Rounders portion out pre-mixed dough into predetermined sizes.

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Fedco Bakery Equipment Depositors SS123C0S

  • Manufacturer: Fedco
  • Model Number: SS123C0S
  • Frain Number: 5F4776

Fedco Model SS123COS, spin disc coating system, all stainless steel construction with conveyor speeds up to 45 feet per minute, number of product – depending on materials and application. Total uniform coverage of the product is achieved by the use of (3) 8" OD spinning disks (2) above (1) below with dual back to back 17" long x (9) 3/16" wide eagle belts feed conveyors, 12" ID x 8" Deep stainless steel solution filtering system with strainer, removable cover and level detector, prevents solids from reaching feed pump that could clog and effect coverage of the product. Cherry Burrell 018 all stainless steel sanitary pump for metering solutions to spinners. Control panel with start e-stop, level indictor on/off switch, pump and spin controls with conveyor FPM, pump GPM digital read outs.

OAD: 60" L x 48" W x 68" H

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