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Case set-up tray glue machines, or glue tray formers are designed to form trays from flat pre-scored containerboard blanks and to use glue to seal the flaps of the tray. During the process of forming a tray in a tray former, glue is applied to the flaps of the tray. As the tray is formed through the operations of the tray former, the glue is compressed into other portions of the trays to allow the glue to set, and form the tray. Glue tray formers can make a number of different tray designs.

The most common tray type formed by glue tray formers are known as standard or common trays. A common tray is usually formed by a male forming head pushing a tray blank though female tray tooling. As the tray blank passes through the female tooling, glue is applied to the tray flaps and the flaps are folded and compressed against other portions of the tray. The tray remains in the female tooling for one machine cycle to allow the glue to set.

Hooded trays can also be made by glue tray formers. Hooded trays are also known as hooded cartons. A glue tray former forms a hooded tray by placing a tray blank between male and female tray forming tooling. Hooded trays or hooded cartons have a solid formed bottom that resembles a tray that is sealed with either glue or tuck flaps. The hooded tray also has a top flap to close the top of the tray. The top flap or hood flap has a smaller flap which can be glue sealed to the outside of the bottom form of the hooded tray or tucked inside the front of the bottom form. As the male tooling pushes the blank through the female tooling, the base of the hooded tray is formed. Glue is applied to the hooded tray base flaps prior to pushing the blank through the tooling and blank passing through the tooling causes the glued flaps to be closed. The hooded tray will remain in the female tooling for one cycle of the glue tray former to allow the glue to adhere the flaps together properly. For hooded trays, additional processing is required to close and seal the hooded top flap of the hooded tray after the tray is loaded. (See Cartoner Semi / Triseal for more information.)

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Delkor Case Set-Up, Tray Tray Glue 752

  • Manufacturer: Delkor
  • Model Number: 752
  • Frain Number: 5C7972

Automatic, dual head, tray former capable of speeds 10 to 75 tpm (depending on application). right to left machine can an handle a varied size range depending on sample, on both regular trays to tri-seals.can handle flat blanks up to (22" W x 30" L). Will form chipboard, corrugated, or poly coated materials.(with proper change parts). Currently set for chipboard tray (8" L x 5 1/2" W x 1 1/4" H). Comes with dual (30" L x 6"W) powered feed magazine, with (2) suction cup each vacuum pick-in-place, Nordson iV (4) gun H/M glue system, (6′ L x 8 1/2" W) rubber product conveyorand Allen bradly controls. Last running in a snack food operation.

OAD: 114"L x 65"W x 78"H

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