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Complete Line – The category for complete lines, or complete production lines or complete packaging lines, is somewhat misleading. The complete line category refers to a series of machines that are producing in sequence in a single production line. Because complete line machines are running together, the machines have been integrated to work with one another. However, Frain has extensive knowledge in regard to selecting and integrating individual machines into a complete line for an application. When creating a complete line for individual machines, careful attention must be paid to the transfer of product and packages from one machine and process to another machine and process. Frain has engineered services that are capable of integrating the various machines together into a complete line including the product and package transfers between machines and processes.

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Complete Line Food 2-1/2 GAL ICE CREAM

  • Model Number: 2-1/2 GAL ICE CREAM
  • Frain Number: 5E7233

Tindall complete 2-1/2 gallon, stainless steel, ice cream processing, mixing, container filling and lidding line rated 50 to 400 gallons of ice cream per hour, at 22 Deg F. with number of containers – depending on materials and application. Line speed are based on output of the KMLT340 (3) barrel ice cream freezer. Line consists of CP Model S-420 ingredients mixer with Eriez dry ingredient feeder and Tindall 2-/12 gallon ice cream container filler and lidder. Ingredients filler and mixing units work in conjuction with the freezer to accurately and evenly meter ingredients into viscous liquid product stream such as fruits and nuts (the ingredient), ice cream (the product) from a continous ice cream freezer, which in turn can be used with the Tindall 2-1/2 gallon filler and lidder, which is mounted on caster for easy movement in / out of production areas and has direct hookup to the continous freezers and can run products such as ice cream, sherbert, varigrated ice cream and ice cream with fruit and nuts. Mounted on heavy duty stainless steel frames.
Last running 2-1/2 gallon compsite ice cream container.

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Groninger Complete Line Liquid KFVG 211 A

  • Manufacturer: Groninger
  • Model Number: KFVG 211 A
  • Frain Number: 5D0201A

Groninger Model KFVG211A, complete vial washing sterilizing, filling, stoppering and aluminum crimping system with number of vials per minute – depending on materials and application. Vial diameter: 10mm to 100mm and 30mm to 200mm in Height. Fill volume: 3ml to 270ml. Stopper size: 13mm to 28mm all with proper change parts. Line consists of all Groninger machines starting with Model FSA tray in feed conveyor to worm screw, star wheel indexing into Model ASV100, 12 station rotary vial washer with siliconization to Groninger Model STS 3226L depyrogenation tunnel oven with14" wide x up to 10" high aperture x 105" long tunnel with belt width of 12-1/2" and sections that evenly heat, sterilize, cool and depyrogenizes vials with low pressure pre filters and high presuure Hepa filters. Groninger Model KFVG 211A monoblock system has a filler with (4) dosing stations currently set up for (2), bottom up fill and no container / no fill, has stopper inserter and aluminum crimp capper with 16" OD stopper and aluminum cap vibratory bowl feeders, automatic rejection system for no stopper / no cap detection and 204" long x 2-1/2" wide vial discharge plastic flex link belt conveyor. (3) Control panels (1) main and (2) onboard have filtration, ventilation, air velocity, heating, cooling, slicone, sterilizing, bowl feed, filling, stoppering, crimping and conveyor controls with digtial readouts, chart recorder and start, stop, e-stop push buttons. All mounted on stainless steel frames.

OAD: 332" L x 112" W x 97" H

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Kalish Complete Line Tablet MONOCOUNT

  • Manufacturer: Kalish
  • Model Number: MONOCOUNT
  • Frain Number: 5C9702

Kalish Monocount, complete tablet / capsule packaging line rated from 5 to 40 bottles per minute – depending on materials and application. Line consists of Kalisort 150 bulk bottle unscrambler with elevator, Kalish pharmaveyor in feed with backup eye, Swiftlift bulk tablet feeder / elevator, Kalish (3) tray 12 track counter. Standard tablet diameter range is 2.5mm to 22mm unit can go to 1" (with proper change parts.) Kalish Model 120 cottoner can handle lengths from 2 to 9", inverted U with multiple stroke insertion capability and set up for either cotton or rayon. Kalish push thru capper with air track cap feed (set for 38mm) push thru cap placement and final torque station, fed by 24" diameter cap feed bowl. 8 cu ft stainles steel cap hopper with level sensor. Kalish bandit neck / body bander w/heat tunnel, Enercon induction sealer and all interconnected conveyor. Line is configured in a U shape with all inter connecting conveyor.

OAD: 192" L x 194" W x 114" H
308" L With Enercon tunnel and bander

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Merrill Complete Line Tablet 7216AH

  • Manufacturer: Merrill
  • Model Number: 7216AH
  • Frain Number: 5E4938A

Merrill, complete integrated, in line, tablet or capsule packaging line rated from 50 to 120 bottles per minute – depending on materials, application and capsule or tablets count. Line consists of Kalish Auto Sort bulk plastic bottle unscramber with bulk container elevator, feeding into a Merrill 72-16AH slat counter (16"wide x 72" slats), Garvens model S bottle checkweigher, Lakso 300 cottoner, Resina UN40 capper, Pillar UNIFOILER induction sealer, PDC 75M neck bander, Axon shrink tunnel, Labelette APS 106 pressure sensitive wrap around labeler. Line is being quoted set to one size container/pack pattern, with a factory acceptance test at Frain Industries facility.

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Klockner Hansel USA Crosio Complete Line Candy ROTOMATE/STRADA

Klockner Hansella, complete weighing, dissolving, rotary vacuum, cooking and forming system rated from 200 kg’s to 1000 kg’s of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Can be used for hard candy, hard candy with center fillings, soft caramels, jelly and chewy candy products. Line consists Rotomat continous roto cooking system which is a crystal free dissolving, pre cooking and vacuum cooking system for sugar water glucose slurry with continuous steam heat, holding tank and transfer pumps and a downstream Caramaster for the caramelisation process. Strada forming system for continuous production of formed sweets (unfilled, highly filled liquid) laminated for hard candy, chewy candy, toffee, eclairs production of unfilled up to highly filled quality candy with 15mm to 180mm per hour rope speeds, Consisting of batch roller with (6) stainless steel conical, ribbed rollers measuring 72" Long x 4" OD at base and 1-1/2" OD at tip and is used to shape product into 4 roller rope stringer system for precise centering of the filling mass within the sugar rope through the roller head of the rope sizing machine, to rope cutter and then to the cooling tunnel with chiller and air handling system. Mounted on heavy duty frames.

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