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Extruders are used for the continuous forming of products. Extruders take a mass of product and forces the product through a former, often called a die plate, to create the proper form in the extruded product. The extruder uses a mechanism, usually a single screw or counter rotating double screws, to work the product together and pushes the product forward with enough force to push the mass of product through the forming die plate. Extruder barrels (the area where the screw processes the product) are often jacketed to maintain a specific heat for the process. Forming die plates are specific to the product that is being formed. The ability to form and shape products and provide consistency make extruders an important piece of equipment for many industries.

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Bonnot Extruder ROTARY CUTTER

  • Manufacturer: Bonnot
  • Model Number: ROTARY CUTTER
  • Frain Number: 5F5709

Extruder knife cut-off with housing for 4" OD extruder. Equipped with 10-3/4" OD, 8-3/4" ID flanged mounting with (6) 1/2" bolt holes on 5" centers with dual 5" long rotary knife cut-offs attached to the variable speed motor drive with output of 1175 rpm maximum and 117 rpm minimum and gear ratio of 4.1-1.

OAD: 26" L x 19" W x 18" H

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