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Frain Industries is the industry authority in providing used cup filling equipment solutions.  Frain carries several types of cup fillers covering a wide range of products including liquids, gels, pastes, and powders.  Additionally there are many types of filling heads depending on the product type.  Volumetric cup, auger, net weight, volumetric piston filling machines, pump, and peristaltic are just some of the configurations available.

Frain Industries offers cup filling machines in semi-automatic and automatic configuration as well as inline and rotary.  The Frain engineering team can design a cup filling solution based on your product, application, line speed, and line integration requirements.

  • Inline Cup Filling Machines
  • Rotary Cup Filling Machines

Frain Industries carries used cup filling machines from many OEM’s including Autoprod, Oystar, Holmatic, Modern, Osgood, Akra Pak, All Fill, Spee Dee, Nova, Trepko, World Cup, Gold Cup, and many others.

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Autoprod / Oystar Filler Cup Inline FP2X4

Autoprod Model 2 x 4, automatic, inline, stainless steel cup filler, die cut heat sealer rated from 10 to 30 cycles, or 80 – 240 cups per minute – depending on materials and application. Denests, fills, and pre-cut seals cups, currently set to do a 2 x 4 pattern, 5-1/4” centers. Equipped with dual lane cup denster, dual lane 8-head piston filler with product hopper, dual lane reciprocating pre-cut, foil lid pic-n-place and dual lane heat-sealing section. Control panel with heater, heat seal, conveyor, cup and lid despence controls and e-stop.

OAD:132" L x 64" W x 81" H Cup Sealer
36" L x 32" W x 65" H Piston Filler

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Autoprod / Oystar Filler Cup Inline ZP1X4

Stainless steel wash-down 1 x 4 inline cup filler rated 20 to 100 cpm, depending on material and application. Equipped with container denesting, agitated product hopper, 16 ounce pistons, bottom up filling and roll stock safety seal. Allen Bradley PLC.
OAD: 140" (L) x 66" (W) x 90" (H)

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Holmatic /Oystar Filler Cup Inline PR3

Automatic 1 by 3 in-line cup filler. Size range: up to 5" in Diameter; up to 7" in Height. Equipped with denest station, three 32 ounce pistons with rotary valves, over lid station and discharge. Speed dependant on materials and application.

OAD= 156" L x 46" W x 87" H

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Holmatic /Oystar Filler Cup Inline PR3

Automatic, S/S, 1 x 3 , USDA – wash down, intermittent motion piston style cup filler. Capable of a container size range to 5" diameter and height to 7 ". Equipped with 32 ounce piston with rotary valve capable of down to a 7.25oz fill. Shuttle type overlidder with magazine that are well suited for the "tamper evident " and flat style lids. Automatic container eject. Unit will denest container from a magazine, fill product, overlid and discharge container. Can be used with either paper or plastic containers. Last running in a dairy operation.
OAD= 156"L x 46"W x 87"H

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Autoprod / Oystar Filler Cup Inline 2X6

Autoprod Model 2 x 6, automatic, inline, stainless steel, cup filler / sealer rated from 120 to 360 cups per minute – with speeds depending on materials and application. Fill range: 0.5 once to 1.04 quart. Unit denests, fills, and heat seals die cut foil seals onto cups. Equipped with dual lane cup denester, 12-head piston filler, positive cut off filling nozzels with dimple jacketed and adgitated product hopper to keep product hot or cool. Dual lane reciprocating pre-cut, foil lid pic-n-place with a quick change slide out magazine for continous operation, dual lane heat sealing station, with sweeping discharge from cup carrying pockets. Last filling product at 180 to 190 degree farenheit into a 4oz cup.
5F6030A Single lane conveyor takes cups from six lanes to a 90 degree single file discharge for the next part of the packaging process.

OAD: 192" L x 96" W x 88" H

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World Cup Filler Cup Inline 2 LANE

  • Manufacturer: World Cup
  • Model Number: 2 LANE
  • Frain Number: 5F5233


World cup 2 lane, Automatic, inline, cup filling and sealing machine speeds of 20 to 60 cpm. Equipped with two emtpy cup magazines, spinning disk denesting sytem, Bucket elevator, Ishida 12/24 scale , two top seal magazines with vacuum pick and place, push button controls, Lexan safety guarding, and a shuttle discharge system. Mounted on height adjustable legs. Currently set with 5" long x 18" wide platens.

OAD: 208" L x 74" W x 84" H

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