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Scrape surface or swept surface heat exchanger designed for thicker products. Scrape surface heat exchangers have a rotating shape with attached scrapes inside the product barrel rotates to scrape product off the barrel walls to provide more consistent heat exchange. The barrel is surround by a jacket, which contains heat exchange media for either heating or cooling the product.

Scrape Surface Equipment In Stock

APV Crepaco Heat Exch Scrape Surface HD

  • Manufacturer: APV Crepaco
  • Model Number: HD
  • Frain Number: 5G9083

Crepaco, Model HD, stainless steel, continuous, double cylinder, scrape surface heat exchanger. Rated from 100 to 5,000 gallons of product per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Each cylinder equipped with 70" long x 6" ID product cylinder, (4) plastic scraper blades, 9 ft² of heat transfer area, 2½"OD / 2"ID threaded product connections and 1" NPT media connections Both Cylinders powered by a common 15 hp drive. Mounted on (6) leg heavy duty frame.

MAWP: 150 PSI @ 350°F
Nat’l Brd: 2775 / 2776
Tube S/N # 5678

OAD: 112" L x 38" W x 46" H

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Alfa Laval Heat Exch Scrape Surface 6X9

  • Manufacturer: Alfa Laval
  • Model Number: 6X9
  • Frain Number: 5G8002

Alfa Laval, Model Contherm 6 x 9, stainless steel vertical, scrape surface heat exchanger with lbs of product per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with vertical mounting post, hydraulic tube lift, 6" diameter x 72" long stainless steel product chamber (9 ft²) of heat transfer area, stainless steel scraper blades powered by a 7½ hp drive, (2) 2½" OD / 2"ID tri-clamp style sanitary product connections and (2) 2" NPT media connections.

Product Chamber: MAWP: 300 psi @ 300°F
Media Chamber: MAWP: 250 psi @ 300°F
MDMT: -30°F @ 100 psi

OAD: 42"L x 16"W x 138"H

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Votator Heat Exch Scrape Surface 1W

  • Manufacturer: Votator
  • Model Number: 1W
  • Frain Number: 5D7423

Laboratory 3 x 12 size scraped surface heat exchanger, S/S contact surface, water cooled, Equipped with 2 HP gear reduction drive motor, 12"L x 3"dia chamber & 1/2" inlet and outlet. Unit mounted on a portable cast iron frame.

OAD: 50"L x 18"W x 24"H

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Groen Heat Exch Scrape Surface DR4284

  • Manufacturer: Groen
  • Model Number: DR4284
  • Frain Number: 5D0681

Atmospheric continuous scrape surface heat exchanger is constructed of stainless steel with a sanitary design. Unit can concentrate 4000 pounds of caramel syrup per hour with a heat transfer area of approximately 150 sq ft. The tubular sanitary design of the evaporator allows for high working pressures in both jackets allowing for more production in less time. Widely used for syrups, caramel, cereal coatings, candies, salad dressings and sauces. Jacket pressure rating: 120 psi. National Board: 138989

OAD: 84" (L) x 60" (W) x 120" (H)

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Worth Engr Heat Exch Scrape Surface 20

  • Manufacturer: Worth Engr
  • Model Number: 20
  • Frain Number: 5E6161

High shear pin mill utilized for wiping air into product. 316 S/S, 36"L x 10" diameter vessel with a maximum pressure of 125 psi @ -20F, 2" sanitary product inlets / outlets and actuator to open port. Jacketed outer shell and jacketed center shaft.
20hp / 880 rpm motor..

OAD: 67"L x 46"W x 60"H

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