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Pressure sensitive spot labelers, or P S Spot labelers, are designed to apply a pressure sensitive label to a spot on a container or package. Pressure sensitive labels have adhesive pre-applied the back of the label. The label is kept on a roll of film, sticky side to the film, which maintains the stickiness of the pre-applied adhesive. Once the label is ready for application, the label is removed from the roll and applied to the container.

Pressure sensitive labelers can apply a pressure sensitive label using a number of different methods including wipe-on, blow, or tamp. The wipe-on method for pressure sensitive label application requires a package or container to pass near the label head. Once the label head senses the package, the label head feeds the label at the speed of the container. The label is firmly adhered the container by passing below a brush of other mechanism which wipes the label onto the container. Blow pressure sensitive spot labelers, or air blow labelers, feed the entire label below a label applicator. The label is held under the label applicator by a small vacuum pressure. Once the container is sensed, the applicator blows air onto the label and uses the force of the blowing air to apply the label to the container. Tamp labelers are also know as tamp / blow label applicators because the tamp label applicators also use the force of air to push labels onto containers. Tamp labeler feed a full label below a label applicator, much like a blow labeler. The label is held on the label applicator using low-pressure vacuum. Once the container is sensed, the label applicator moves towards the container, usually via air cylinder activation. The label applicator comes very close the container but does not touch it. Once the label applicator is near the container, air is forced through the label applicator to force the label onto the container. The label applicator is then retracted and prepared for the next label. Tamp / blow pressure sensitive labelers are best used for applications where the label needs to be applied into a depression within the container.

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P/S Spot Equipment In Stock

Sancoa Labeler P/S Spot OP2000R

  • Manufacturer: Sancoa
  • Model Number: OP2000R
  • Frain Number: 5G4493

Sancoa, Model OP-2000R, right hand outsert placer . Equipped with 60" long x ½" wide rubber belt with 35" infeed height. 1" wide web capability, 12" diameter outsert roll. switches for on/off and run/jog. Push button for reset, jog, E-stop and home. Retard and advance control. Indication lights for broken web, end of web, low hopper, open guard, servo drive and e-stop. Mounted on portable base with (4) 2" swivel casters.

OAD: 88"L x 50"W x 43"H

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Label Aire Labeler P/S Spot 3111

  • Manufacturer: Label Aire
  • Model Number: 3111
  • Frain Number: R24900

Label Aire Model 3111, pressure sensitive, air blow, spot labeler rated from 500 to 1500 linear inches per minute – depending on materials and application. Label size range: 3/4" to 4" in Width; 3/4" to 5" in Length with accuracy of: +/- 1/32". Equipped with swivel mounted bracket and blow on label head with 4"long x 5" wide label area, stepper motor drive and is hand crank height adjustable. Multiple program touch pad controller with digital display and mounted on 46" x 45" "H" style base. Maximum label roll of 16" OD with 3" ID core and maximum web width of 4.13".

OAD: 64" L x 45" W x 67" H

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Label Aire Labeler P/S Spot 2114CD

  • Manufacturer: Label Aire
  • Model Number: 2114CD
  • Frain Number: R20246

Label Aire 2114CD tamp/blow label applicator capable of dispensing from 600 to 1,600” of web per/min with a maximum label width of 4” and label length dependent on application. Label accuracy up to +/- 1/32”. Features include 20" extended diameter unwind clearance, stepper driven motor, power unwind/power rewind and menu driven microprocessor to allow repeatable settings. Tamp/blow applicator stroke is approximately 3". Additional feature includes a T-base stand with 36" vertical adjustment and leveling legs.
OAD:42”(L) x 50”(W) x 70"(H)

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Label Aire Labeler P/S Spot 2114CD/2111CD

  • Manufacturer: Label Aire
  • Model Number: 2114CD/2111CD
  • Frain Number: 5F8671

Label Aire Model 2111CD / 2114CD, top and bottom pressure sensitive labeling system rated from 100 to 1250 linear inches per minute, with number of labels – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Label size range: 3/4" to 4" in Width; 3/4" to 5-1/2" in Length with label placement accuracy of up to +/- 1/32". Equipped with 56" long by 1" wide side product transfer belts adjustable from 4" – 7-1/2", Label Aire 2111CD pressure sensitive stepper driven blow on spot labeler on top and Label Aire 2114CD tamp blow labeler on bottom. Maximum roll diameter of 12" on 3" core. Requires in feed table or conveyor to ensure product is fed into belt transfer at correct height.

OAD: 72" L x 46" W x 77" H

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Harland Labeler P/S Spot SIRIUS

  • Manufacturer: Harland
  • Model Number: SIRIUS
  • Frain Number: 5D4676

Harland Sirius fully automatic, S/S, pressure sensitive labeler.Label size range: up to 13" in Length; up to 6" in Width. Equipped with 3-1/4" conveyor. Last running a square container with a 3 side wipe, running 15-20 containers per minute. Mounted on four adjustable legs.

OAD: 86" L x 52" W x 75" H

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Label Aire Labeler P/S Spot 3115-1500

  • Manufacturer: Label Aire
  • Model Number: 3115-1500
  • Frain Number: 5E7710

Label Aire 3115-1500 automatic, pressure sensitive bottom labeler. Label size: up to 4" in Width; Label length from 1/2" on up. Equipped with dual side transfer belts, model 3115 wipe-on label head, touch pad controller with display. Roll specifications: up to 12" in Diameter on 3" core. Accepts container up to 8" in width.

OAD: 69" L x 48" W x 48" H

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Chicago Automated Label Labeler P/S Spot 2HD TOP P/S

Chicago Automation automatic, 2 head, pressure sensitive top labeling system, capable of speeds from 80 to 200 ppm depending on application. Has (2) top mounted CAL standard pressure sensitive wipe on label heads with accuries of +/- 1/32 of an inch, 14" dia label roll, with a 7" max web width, stepper drives, touch pad controllers, powered rewind, with height adjustable stands and mounted over a 84" L x 7 1/2" W plastic delron product conveyor, with 34" infeed and discharge height, and has a 36" L x 1 /3/4" W single side product gripper belts, and is on a platform base with height adjustable legs.

OAD: 84" L x 48" W x 68" H

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