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Twin shell powder mixers or twin shell blenders are designed to mix solids to solids, or solids to liquids. Twin shell blenders have two connected blending shells that are connected to form a V-shape. The V-shape of a twin shell blender results in more efficient blending. As the twin shell blender rotates and the V-shape is upside down, the product is divided into to equal or unequal volumes (depending on the design of the twin shell blender). As the twin shell blender rotates so that the V-shape is right side up, the product in both ends of the V accelerate towards the point of the V resulting in the impact of the two masses of product and increased product mixing due to the addition forces of the impact. V-shaped twin shell blenders can be outfitted with a rotating intensifier bar or liquids / solids bar. Intensifier bars are designed to break up clumps of solids while the product is separated in the two ends of the V (when the twin shell blender is upside down).

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Patterson Kelley Mixer Powder Twin Shell 1 CU FT

Patterson Kelly 1 ft³, stainless steel, twin shell blender. Bulk Density: up to 50 lbs/ft³. Equipped with two 15-1/2" product ports, and a 6" diameter butterfly discharge valve at 26" floor clearance. Mounted on locking casters.

OAD: 36"L x 45"W x 53"H

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Patterson Kelley Mixer Powder Twin Shell 1 CU FT

1 cu ft, S/S twin shell mixer rated form 50 lbs per cu ft depending on product density mixed. (2) 11" Id product ports with bolt down covers, 20" long side v-walls, and S/S intesifier pin bar 6" dia butterfly discharge valve, with 26" floor clearance, mounted on a painted mild steel frame and locking casters, and was last running in a cosmetic operation

OAD: 30" L x 50" W x 50" H

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Patterson Kelley Mixer Powder Twin Shell 30 CU FT

30 cu ft 316 S/S Vacuum rated, Jacketed 30 cu ft "V" blender with maximum density of 100 pounds per cubic foot. Full vacuum @ 15psi internal rating. Jacket rated to 30 psi and maximum temperature of 250 degree F. (Test pressure: Internal full vacuum to 23 psi, jacket 75 psi). Two 18" diameter charge ports. Discharge, 10" butterfly valve. 27" high pedestal legs. Has drive motor for a bar. Bar NOT included.

OAD: 168" L x 48" W x 112" H with legs

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Patterson Kelley Mixer Powder Twin Shell 10 CU FT

10 cu ft stainless steel twin shell vacuum dryer mixer. Has (2) 18" diameter charge ports, and 8" diameter butterfly valve discharge. Rated for full vacuum. 16.65 cu ft total volume suitable for products having a max. density of 70 lbs per cu ft. Unit also comes with a high speed liquid addition / solids intensifier bar. Max press jacket 30 psi. Max temp jacket 200’F. PSI 200. Jacket sh. 3/16. Jacket hd 1"
Machine is 93" tall (sets on 27" high pedestal legs) 118" wide 39" deep.

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