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Sealer bag equipment or bag sealing equipment is designed to seal various kinds of pre-made bags or pouches. Bags can be sealed using impulse heat, hot melt glue, hot air (to re-activate pre-applied glue), thread stitching, or many other bag sealing methods. Depending on the bag sealer machine, the bag may have the opening of the bag folded over prior to sealing. Bag sealers can be designated as semi-automatic or automatic. Semi-automatic bag sealers require the operator to present the bag to the bag sealer in the proper manner and to activate the bag sealing cycle. The operator is responsible for closing the bag, and tucking the bags flaps, if necessary. The operator is also responsible for discharging the bag from the machine. Automatic bag sealers have the bag fed into the bag sealer automatically with a conveyor or by some other method. The bag sealer then automatically closes the bag, automatically tucks the bag flaps if necessary, and automatically seals the bag.

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St Regis Sealer Bag Hot Air 92E

  • Manufacturer: St Regis
  • Model Number: 92E
  • Frain Number: 5F5310

St Regis Model 92E, semi-automatic, single fold, pinch bottom, pre-applied glue, hot air bag sealer rated from 10 to 35 feet or 10 to 26 bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Right to left machine, equipped with 156" long x 12" wide powered bag belt conveyor, pre-heating station for pre-applied glue with single fold over station, final bag heat sealing and cooling area with dual 18" long x 2-1/4" wide compression belt sections, chiller and hand crank height adjustable. Control panel with front / rear seal bar temperature controllers, closer and seal heat on / off controls and machine start / stop button and pressure gauge. Mounted on base frame with casters.

OAD: 168" L x 36" W x 90" H

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