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Frain Industries can help you with your vacuum bag sealer project no matter how big or small your sealing needs. Sealer Bag Vacuum is a bag seal which draws a vacuum on the bag (to remove the air from the bag) prior to sealing the bag. (The bag is sealed with limited air inside the bag.)

Vacuum Equipment In Stock

CVP Systems Sealer Bag Vacuum A600

  • Manufacturer: CVP Systems
  • Model Number: A600
  • Frain Number: R26171

CVP Model A600, semi automatic vacuum and gas flush capable bag sealer with number of bags per minute – depending on materials, application and operator dexterity. Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction. Equipped with 32" long seal jaw, with dual snorkels and capable of of doing one or two bags at a time. Control panel has PLC , touch pad controller with readout capable of 11 pack settingst and power on and e-stop buttons with pack timer dial and 24" long x 18" wide product roller belt platform, vacuum pump, gas flush port and mounted on H style base frame.

OAD: 42" L x 36" W x 80" H

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Multivac Sealer Bag Vacuum C500

  • Manufacturer: Multivac
  • Model Number: C500
  • Frain Number: R25280

Model C-500 stainless steel, USDA, semi-automatic dual station vacuum packaging machine capable of up to 3 cycles per minute. Sealing bar length of 25.6". Chamber dimensions: 25.6" wide x 29.7" long x 8" deep. Equipped with electronic control six program memory, single seam seal, four evacuation modes – including inert gas flush, digital contact vacuum gage, Busch RAO 7.5HP vacuum pump, vacuum quick stop, automatic progressive ventilation and caster base. Additionally features a compressed air connection utilized to increase the sealing force used for special cases when packaging hot liquids or high pressure gas flushing of the package.

OAD: 63"L x 42’W x 52"H Weight: 1500#

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Koch / UltraSource LLC Sealer Bag Vacuum 2100B

Semi-automatic, double chamber, vacuum bag sealer capable of cycle time of 15-25 sec. depending on application. Seal bar is 26.5" long with chamber dimensions of 26.6" L x 30.9" W x 8" H Equipped with gas flush and a 10Hp Busch vacuum pump.

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