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Shrink bundlers are designed to wrap a single piece or bundle of product in heat shrinkable plastic film. Shrink bundlers are designed to form the plastic wrap around the product or bundle using two rolls or plastic film (with only one notable exception). Shrink bundlers create bundles or product that have open ends know as bulls-eyes on each side of the package. By using film that is much wider than the bundle on a shrink bundler, the size of the bulls-eye can be reduced. By using a film that is narrower than the bundle on a shrink bundler, the bundle of product is wrapped by a band of plastic.

Shrink bundlers take in product and pass the product bundle through a barrier of film that is created by heat sealing the film ends of two rolls of plastic film. As the bundle passes through the film barrier, the top roll of the film wraps around the top of the bundle and the bottom roll of the film wraps around the bottom of the bundle. After the container has passes the heat sealing station, the seal jaws on the shrink bundler come together again to seal the films together after the bundle and to separate the wrapped bundle from the remainder of the film. This action leaves a film barrier created by heat sealing the ends of the film together, which allows the next shrink bundle to pass through the film barrier. The shrink bundle then passes through a heat shrink tunnel to shrink the film around the bundle of product.

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BFB Shrink Bundler 3707

  • Manufacturer: BFB
  • Model Number: 3707
  • Frain Number: 5D0158

BFB Model 3707, Automatic, stainless steel, in line stretch bundler and collator rated from 5 to 20 bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Bundles: 2" to 15 3/4" in Length x 1/2" to 7 3/4" in Width x 2" to 8" in Height. (with proper change parts). Equipped with 18" wide sealing jaw with 8" high clearance, inline Z-style infeed, 8" high upstack for 4" high product, 19" wide max film width, top product hold-down before and after seal, 26" long x 25" wide pack-off table, E-stops, temperature control for seal jaw, and barrier guarding. Mounted on stainless steel frame with casters and leveling legs. Last running in a pharmaceutical operation.

OAD: 71" L x 41" W 67" H

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Skinetta Shrink Bundler ASK300

  • Manufacturer: Skinetta
  • Model Number: ASK300
  • Frain Number: 5C9543

Automatic, right angle, stretch/shrink film bundler. Product range: 75mm to 290mm in Length; 75mm to 290mm in Width; up to 11" in Height. Equipped with 6"W x 60"L right angle infeed conveyor and 12"W sealing jaw. AB PLC. Accepts up to 380 mm film, 360 mm maximum stroke length. Speed dependant on materials, application and machine configuration.

OAD: 122"L x 48"W x 82"H

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Multipack Shrink Bundler F40

  • Manufacturer: Multipack
  • Model Number: F40
  • Frain Number: 5C8751

Multipack F40, Automatic stretch / shrink bander capable of speeds from 10 to 30 Bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Inline feed into up-stacker.
Package size range: Length 40 – 350mm; Width 12 – 90mm; Depth 40 – 300mm.
Bundle size range: Length 60 – 350; Width 20 – 200mm; Depth 40 – 300mm
OAD: 72"tall 78"wide 30"deep

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