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Sterilizer equipment is designed for the sterilization and decontamination of instruments and tooling. Sterilizer equipment can use steam or air over pressure, and the process begins by heating with steam while circulating with fans. Sterilization is achieved during a preset time and temperature. Sterilization equipment accomplishes cooling by circulating air through heat exchangers that are then cooled with water. Dry heat sterilization ensures the destruction of micro-organisms by means of dry heat over a controlled period of time. The process is environmentally safe – this type of sterilizer equipment is safe for treatment of empty ampoules, injection bottles, infusion bottles and production equipment. It is also suitable for sterilization of liquids with low moisture content or powder medications.

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Getinge Sterilizer Single Door BIOFOE STR-05

  • Manufacturer: Getinge
  • Model Number: BIOFOE STR-05
  • Frain Number: 5E6470

Getinge BIOFOE, Single door, S/S, self contained, electric steam, vacuum sterilizer, with 15.5 cu ft or (450L) of sterilization area. 316L S/S internal chamber, with ID of: 26-1/2" L x 26-1/2" H x 39" D can accommodate up to (4) shelves, currently has (2) 24-3/4" W x 35-1/4" L slide in shelves with 5" clearance and vertical, power sliding chamber door. Chamber and outer jacket (304 S/S) has a MWAP of 45 psi @ 300 deg f, and MDMTof 68 deg f @ -12psi, air: 3scfm @ 80-100psi, water: 8 gpm use at 40-60 psig. Cabinet style sterilizer capable of doing liquid, hard, and wrapped goods, microprocessor with touch pad controls LED display, chamber, / jacket pressure gauges 0-60psi, data printer, sterilization / drying timers, chamber, jacket , and load temp controls, parameter setting, and media probe on / off switches, vacuum system has all S/S cabinet with self contained electrical steam generator.

OAD: 48" L x 48" W x 78" H

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Getinge Sterilizer Single Door 49930-0101

  • Manufacturer: Getinge
  • Model Number: 49930-0101
  • Frain Number: 5D0205

Getinge, Stainless steel single door steam sterilizer. Chamber dimensions: 26" Long x 16" Wide x 16" High. Chamber rated at 45psi @ 300 Deg F, 60 psi internal steam, and 5 gpm water use. With a chart recorder, both sterilization/drying timers, and vertical powered sliding chamber door.

OAD: 39" L x 30" W x 64" H

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