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Looking for a new or used stretch wrap machine?  Stretch wrapper equipment uses stretchable film that is applied by the stretch wrapper. The stretch wrapper stretches the film as it applies the stretch film up to 300% of the film’s original length. Once the film has been wrapped around the product and the force stretching the film is no longer present, the film will un-stretch or shrink back to near the film’s normal length.

The action of the film shrinking in length results in the package being held more closely together and being in a tighter package.Stretch wrapper equipment is most often used for pallets or skids of products or containers. The multiple layers of stretch film that get applied by a stretch wrapper withstand surprisingly well the rigors of shipping a skid or pallet of product.Semi-automatic stretch wrapper equipment performs all the functions of wrapping stretched film around a pallet of product except attaching the initial portion of film to the pallet and cutting the film once the pallet has been stretch wrapped.

Fully automatic stretch wrappers will automatically feed pallets of product to be stretch wrapped, wrap the pallets with stretch film, and discharge fully wrapped pallets.Determining the proper stretch wrapper equipment for an application requires knowing the maximum weight of the pallet to be wrapped, the diameter of the largest pallet to be wrapped, the maximum diameter of the pallet or skid to be wrapped, the type of product on the pallet to be wrapped, as well as understand the overall production environment in which the stretch wrapper will be utilized.

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Stretch Wrapper Equipment In Stock

Muller / ITW Stretch Wrapper Automatic ECA

  • Manufacturer: Muller / ITW
  • Model Number: ECA
  • Frain Number: 5E8029

Muller ECA, Automatic stretch wrapper capable of doing up to 40 rpm – depending on materials and application. Maximum load dimensions: up to 52" in Length; up to 52" in Width; up to 76" in Height. Maximum load weight: 4000 lbs. Equipped a 74" diameter roller turntable with 54"L x 4"diameter rollers on 5"centers with 1/2 in gaps and a 20" film carriage, 300% pre-stretch. Variable carriage speed, turntable jog controls, adjustable force load, top/bottom wrap counter and e-stop.

OAD: Wrapper: 114" L x 78" W x 96" H

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Lantech Stretch Wrapper Automatic 200-34

  • Manufacturer: Lantech
  • Model Number: 200-34
  • Frain Number: 5F7860

Lantech Model 200 Series Lan-ringer, automatic continuous, horizontal stretch wrapper. Equipped with 32" usable ring diameter, rotation speeds up to 50 rpm and 150% film pre-stretch. Control panel with A/B plc with auto, manual, bypass, conveyor forward / reverse switches with e-stop. Accepts 20" wide film, up to 10" in diameter. Speeds dependant on materials, application and machine configuration.

OAD: 77" L x 44" W x 82" H

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Lantech Stretch Wrapper Automatic VA

  • Manufacturer: Lantech
  • Model Number: VA
  • Frain Number: 5F7794

Lantech, automatic, column style, stretch wrapper rated 5 to 45 loads per hour – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Can handle loads up to 48" Long x 48" Wide x 80" High and maximum weight of 4000 lbs. Equipped with 72" diameter roller turntable and has 54" long x 2-1/2" diameter rollers on 4" centers with 1-1/2" gaps, roll carriage column with E-Z thread 20" wide x 10" diameter film roll, 200% pre-stretch standard, scissor cut-off, wipe station and control panel with A/B Controller

OAD: 130" L x 84" W x 102" H

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Liberty Stretch Wrapper Automatic 4.40

  • Manufacturer: Liberty
  • Model Number: 4.40
  • Frain Number: 5F5910

Liberty, Model 4.40, automatic, column style stretch wrapper rated from 10 to 40 loads per hour – with speeds depending on materials, application and volumes. Load dimensions: up to 52" x 52" x 80" in Height. Maximum load weight: 4000 lbs. Equipped with 65" diameter roller turntable with 51" long 2-1/2" diameter rollers set on 4" centers and 1-1/2" gaps, carriage column with 200% pre-stretch, film cut-off and brush station. Remote control panel with AB PLC, controller. Film specifications: 20" wide roll.

OAD: 125" L x 65" W x 101" H

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