Machinery as a Service



Stop Paying for Equipment- Pay for Production Instead

Too many companies are buying equipment

  • For every month you’re late to the shelves, you lose 15% of the market share, and 8% of the bottom line.
  • With Frain’s Speed to Market approach (Plug and Play), we can deliver integrated Plug and Play Equipment to your floor 66% (3-4 months) faster than other traditional packaging solutions, helping you beat competitors to shelves.

Call Frain’s Acquisition Team to take on 90% less CAPEX burden. 




  • The #1 problem that CFO’s have is the ever-dwindling budget with the demand for 3x as many projects.
  • With Frain’s Pay as you Go Rental Program, you can get a fully integrated, Plug and Play complete line on your floor in 6 weeks, letting you achieve 5-6 more projects with 10% of the cashflow you’d pay for a traditional solution.
  • Frain’s Equipment as a Service (Eaas) increases your cashflow by 90%.

With Frain, CFO’s can stop paying for equipment and start paying for cases out the door. Talk with Frain’s Acquisition Team today about our Plug and Play Solutions.

CAPEX vs. OPEX: What’s the Difference?

Learn how moving your capital expenditures to operation expenditures can be a game changer.

Power to the Flexible

Get flexible financing and rental terms today

  • Market trends change quickly, requiring CFO’s to be flexible with their shrinking budget. Out of the 60,000 new SKU’s that came out in 2020, 76% have failed.
  • Frain can deliver single pieces in as little as 48 hours and can deliver fully integrated complete lines in as little as 6 weeks, letting CFO’s get shelf space first.
  • With Frain’s variable expense payment program, you can rent (variable expense) our equipment for however long you need it, and not a day more.

Talk with Frain’s Acquisition Team today about our Plug and Play Solutions.


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