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Ackley Sifter Separator S-069

  • Manufacturer: Ackley
  • Model Number: S-069
  • Frain Number: 5D7943

Inline, S/S, vibratory product sorter. Equipped with two 16" wide infeeds, an 11" L x 31-1/2"W sorting area, 12" wide x 36" high discharge, and two removeable defect catch trays. Equipped with SECO DC drive, lexan guarding. Powered by MagneTek 1/4hp motor. and currently set-up to reject product 1/8" and less.

OAD: 42"L x 45"W x 41"H

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Ackley Printer Tablet/Cap DRUM

  • Manufacturer: Ackley
  • Model Number: DRUM
  • Frain Number: 5D0972

High speed offset printer for film, or sugar coated tablets. Has variable outputs up to 1,000,000 tablets per hour (depending on size and shape being run). Capable of running specific size, and shaped tablets for either short, or prolonged production runs. Has a 14" wide print area. Drum style unit has "USDA" approved coatingson all contact parts. Has Woods E-trol ll SCR print roller controller, and is mounted on base with casters for mobility. Last running in a pharmaceutical operation (OAD: 38" W x 43"L x 57" H).

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