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Chantland Filler Powder Bulk 4240 BAGGER

  • Manufacturer: Chantland
  • Model Number: 4240 BAGGER
  • Frain Number: R29783

Chantland Model 4240, semi automatic gross weigh, gravity fed bulk bag filler. Equipped with 12" OD filling spout, four corner bag clamps, counter balance weight value, touch pad controller and digital readout, with hook retract and extend, deflate, inflate, main power, start, jog and e-stop on, off push buttons with 60" long x 57" wide work platform. Speed dependant on materials, application, machine configuration and operator dexterity.

OAD: 64" L x 60" W x 93" H

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Chantland Filler Powder Bulk 4198

  • Manufacturer: Chantland
  • Model Number: 4198
  • Frain Number: R29784

Chantland complete, gross weight, auger filling, bag sealing and pallet stacking system rated at (1 to 5) 50 lb bags per minute – depending on materials and application. Line consists of Chantland Model 4198 weighmaster auger filler capable of filling open mouth bags, boxes and drums, with dry, flaked, granular and powdered products. Fill range: 20 lb to 110 lb bags, 50 lb to 220 lb boxes and drums with accuracies of +/- 4oz to 6oz from target weight. has product hopper with 4 corner bag clamps and 11" long x 7" wide oval shaped product filling spout. Control panel has touch pad controller with digital readout and fast / slow fill speed control dials, start, stop, e-stop push buttons and load cell with digital controller. 180" long x 12" wide rubber belt conveyor with side bag support rail that runs the bags through the filler to Fischbein Model 400T sew over tape bag closer (other bag closing systems also available per application). 120" long x 24" wide rubber belt inclined discharge conveyor. Gorbel Model GLCS free standing hoist crane system with 120" long "I" beam and 150 lb load capacity with hand held bag lift and stack controller. All mounted on heavy duty frames.

OAD: ___" L x __" W x ___" H

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Chantland Palletizer Slip Sheet Feeder SLIP SHEET

  • Manufacturer: Chantland
  • Model Number: SLIP SHEET
  • Frain Number: 5E8222

Slip sheet feeder off Chantland palletizer with rotating pnuematic (4) suction cup pic-n-place, 64" L x 52" W x 8" H slip sheet magazine, and mounted on base stand.

OAD: 140" L x 60" W x 72" H

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