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Cobra Packaging Inc Case Packer Robotic COMPLETE LINE

Cobra Packaging Inc, complete stainless steel, automatic case erecting, bottom sealing, robotic packing and top case tape sealing line with number of product and cases per minute – depending on materials and application. All stainless steel construction. Line consists of Cobra case erector and bottom tape sealer with 32" long blank case magazine, dual 80" long stainless steel lugged chain case transfer, with suction cup recipercation pic n place and case erector with 3" bottom case taper to Cobra automatic, intermittent motion, stainless steel, robotic pick and place case packer with 120" long x 14" wide flexlink product conveyor and lane divider with 72" long x 14" wide flexlink case conveyor and (2) head robotic vacuum suction pick and place with 36" long x 14" wide flexlink case in feed conveyor, to Cobra automatic, uniform, top case closer, taper with dual 80" long x 4" wide side case gripper belts, top minor flap closer, major flap folding plows, 3" top tape head. Control panels have A/B PLC’s and A/B panelview controllers. Mounted on stainless steel base frames with safety guarding and leveling legs.

OAD: 100" L x 45" W x 72" H Case Erector
156" L x 65" W x 95" H Case Packer
84" L x 44" W x 63" H Case Sealer

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