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Crandall Filler Liquid Scale EF14X220FE

  • Manufacturer: Crandall
  • Model Number: EF14X220FE
  • Frain Number: 5H0681

Crandall Model EF14X220FE, electronic, sub surface, net weight, 55 gallon drum and tote filling system with number of containers per hour – depending on materials, application and operator dexterity. 316 stainless steel wetted parts. Fill range: 55 gallons metal or plastic containers with fill openings as small as 1-3/8 with proper change parts. (Currently has 2-1/4" OD x 42" stainless steel lance). Equipped with (2) stage, diving, cut off lance, NEMA 1 enclosure and scale indicator with NEMA4X stainless steel enclosure. Scale section 60" long x 50" wide with 5,000 lb load capacity. (1) 5′ section of in feed and (1) 5" section of discharge conveyor. Change parts required to accommodate size range.

OAD: 180" L x 60" W x 60" H

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Crandall Filler Liquid Scale FDI220PLX

  • Manufacturer: Crandall
  • Model Number: FDI220PLX
  • Frain Number: R25770

Crandall Model FD122PLX, sub surface drum filler. with number of drums per hour – depending on materials, application and operator dexterity. Equipped with 28" x 27" scale roller platform, with capacities up to 1000 lbs, 2" OD x 36" long single stainless steel filling lance, with tare button and hand crank tare wheel over-under indicator. Operation: operator presses the tare button and turns the tare wheel until the over-under indicator shows balance then presses start button and the lance descends to the bottom of the container begins to fill, lance rises slowly to the safety stop, container approaches shut-off weight, flow rate reduces to maintain accuracy. when shut-off weight is reached, the lance withdraws from the container and operator removes and replaces. Speeds dependant on materials, application, machine configuration and operator dexterity.

OAD: 72" L x 36" W x 81" H

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