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Delta Engineering Corporation Counter Parts LW24

Delta Engineering, Model LW24, automated weigh/fill packaging system. Rated from 8 to 15 PPM depending on materials, application, environment and machine configuration. Capable of filling electronic components, fasteners and other small parts. System composed of a LW24 Feeder bowl, LDF20 bucket elevator, SB20 belt feeder and 2F6 carton conveyor.

Model LW24 vibratory bowl feeder equipped with a 24" diameter x 5" deep bowl, Quick change load cells, pneumatic dumper, level detector and AB panel view 550 touch pad control.

OAD: 54"L x 41"W x 60"H

Model LDF20 low level loader bucket elevator is equipped with 10" wide x 6" long x 3" deep buckets, 29" long load area, 70" vertical travel, 7½ wide x 17" long discharge chute with 61" ground clearance and an auto/manual control switch.

OAD: 100"L x 31"W x 84"H

Model SB20 rubber belt conveyor equipped with a 17½" wide x 70" long rubber belt with a discharge height of 21".

OAD: 78"L x 27"W x 26"H

Model 2F6 bi-directional carton conveyor is equipped with (2) 6" wide x 110" long stainless steel delrin conveyors with an infeed/discharge height of 32", carton shaker, pneumatic pusher and foot pedal operation.

OAD: 120"L x 28"W x 37"H

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