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Donahower Capper Over Lidder SRHR-250

  • Manufacturer: Donahower
  • Model Number: SRHR-250
  • Frain Number: 5F3510

Automatic, horizontal rolling, overlidder rated from 90 to 250 containers per minute – speeds depending on materials and application. Container size range: 401 in Diameter; up to 700 in Height. Equipped with a 97" high vertical lid magazine extension, 43" long spinning rod lid feeder, metering belts, adjustable can height, and wipe on capping action with compression section. Mounted on height adjustable legs.

OAD: 66" L x 47" W x 97" H

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Donahower Capper Over Lidder SHRL1000

  • Manufacturer: Donahower
  • Model Number: SHRL1000
  • Frain Number: 5C8966

3 lb can overcapper, Plastic lid applicator for 502 diameter cans with a maximum height of 700. Unit has a horizontal roller type lid magazine measuring 62” L x 26" W. Machine is mounted on adjustable steel legs.

OAD: 90" (L) x 80" (W) x 46" (H)

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