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Filtec Checkweigher Level Sensing FILTEC JR FT-50

  • Manufacturer: Filtec
  • Model Number: FILTEC JR FT-50
  • Frain Number: 5E8197

Filtec Model JR FT-50 system was used for profiling of candy bars, at 325 ppm in conjuction with a horizontal wrapper and automatic cartoner. Has a Filtec off registration, or open product detector system with a 5" W x 8" H apature, and uses a small gama isotope to insures proper detection wrapper is running bars on registration, and not with open ends, microprocessor electrontics with operator interface touch pad controller, LED readout, S/S enclosure, mounting bracket, statis and alarm lights with bad product air reject system.

OAD: 19" L x 4" W x 28" H

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