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Gruenberg Ovens Tray/Granulation T18HS68.1SS

  • Manufacturer: Gruenberg
  • Model Number: T18HS68.1SS
  • Frain Number: 5E8750

Mid size, truck in, S/S, single door, tray granulation oven. Inner chamber dimensions of: 44" W x 40" D x 77" H Heat Source: Steam Approx 78 cu ft chamber capacity with 304-2-B S/S milled finish, 304 S/S truck in cart, has (27) 36" W x 30" L x 1" thick 304-2-B milled S/S finish trays with 3/8" perforations on 1/2" centers, and 1 1/2" tray separation. Exterior is all 304 #4 polished S/S, and NFPA Class B atmospheric non-explosion construction, temperatures above ambient to 80 deg c (176 deg f) with normal operating temperatures of 50 deg c (max to 176 deg f). horizontal airflow 1495 cfm @ 70 f. with 1.5" S.P. recirculation. HEPA filters, steam capable to 60,000 BTU, Athena 4000 temperature controller, with Partlow combination temperature indicator and controller, and a Honeywell circular chart recorder.
Steam Source (60,000 BTU) required.

OAD: 78" W x 46"L x 112"H

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