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Hitachi Evaporator Thin Film KONTRO

  • Manufacturer: Hitachi
  • Model Number: KONTRO
  • Frain Number: 5F0232

Horizontal, reverse tapered, centrifugal thin film evaporator with 3m² (32.3 ft²) of heat transfer area. Product is fed into the inlet port and a thin film is deposited on the vessel inner wall by the centrifugal force from the rotor’s rotation.

Chamber: Full Vacuum @ 360°F
Jacket: 125 psig @ 360°F
Drive: 20 hp
Rotor Speed: 236 rpm
Contact Parts: 304 S/S
Inlet: 4.5"
Discharge: 2.5"

OAD: 144"L x 48"W x 56"H

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