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Horix Filler Liquid Grav/Press HBY918RH

  • Manufacturer: Horix
  • Model Number: HBY918RH
  • Frain Number: 5D7111

PART OF COMPLETE LINE Fully automatic 9/18 head rotary liquid filler capable of speeds from 60 – 120 bpm (depending on size container, fill & heads being used). Containers: up to (6 1/2" diameter for 9-head) or (4 7/16" diameter for 18-head), up to 7" high Has fill range from 1 1/2 oz to 1 gallon. Features nine bottle rests and 18 valve stations (can run as either a 9-station or an 18-station machine). Each individual fill station controlled by means of simple fluidic devices (no electronics in entire control system). Equipped with eighteen 5/16" diameter multiport nozzles, positive control bottle neck guides, a product drip pan, E-stop, ratcheted hand crank winch to lift top lid, stainless steel ball float to control product level in filler tank, no container/no fill, Will handle metal, plastic, or glass containers. Mounted on four height adjustable feet.

OAD: 78"L x 67"W x 117"H

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Horix Filler Liquid Grav/Press HFY32

  • Manufacturer: Horix
  • Model Number: HFY32
  • Frain Number: 5D7110

Automatic, continuous motion, 304 stainless steel constructed, 32-head rotary pressure/level sensing filler capable of speeds from 180 – 360 bpm (depending on container, size, shape, and fill). Set-on 6" centers, can handle max container sizes up to (5" rectangle, 5 1/8" round dia x 7 1/2"High) comes with 7/16" OD level sensing multiport nozzles, no container/no fill, centering bells, and bottom up fill. Has worm screw to starwheel infeed/discharge with 96"L container product conveyor, ratcheted hand crank winch to lift top lid, and is mounted on four height adjustable legs. Will handle metal, plastic, or glass containers. Last running in pharmaceutical operation.

OAD: 130"L x 87"W x 92"H

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Horix Filler Liquid Monoblock U39515RHXP filler used filling machine

  • Manufacturer: Horix
  • Model Number: U39515RHXP
  • Frain Number: 5D3231

S/S 15 Horix head rotary net weigh filler set on 9" centers, synchronized to an Officine AVE V4 (4 head) S/S capper. Maximum container size: Diameter to 7-3/16"; Height to 11-1/2". Features include AB PLC, worm screw to star wheel index with star wheel discharge, 316 S/S contact parts, positive shut off valves, no container/no fill, CIP cycle program and leveling legs.

OAD: 158" (L) x 102" (W) x 154" (H)
Filler OAD: 94" (L) x 80" (W) x 96" (H)
Capper OAD: 64" (L) x 60" (W) x 96" (H)
Feeder OAD: 40" (L) x 42" (W) x 154" (H)

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Horix Filler Liquid Vacuum 20 HD

  • Manufacturer: Horix
  • Model Number: 20 HD
  • Frain Number: 5E7324

Horix automatic, 20 head, rotary, vacuum filler rated 60 to 180 container per minute – depending on materials and application. Maximum container diameter: 6-1/2" on both round and rectangle containers and up to 12" in Height Equipped with 48" diameter table, with (20) 7/8" OD and 3/4" ID nozzles set on 7-1/2" centers with 7-1/2" long x 5" wide rising container pedestals, capable of accurate fills on both low / med viscosity products. 137" long x 3-1/2" wide product conveyor with worm screw to star wheel in feed / discharge. All 304 stainless steel contact parts, overhead product feed system with overflow, bottom up fill, no container / no fill and CIP ring. Control panel with filler, vacuum and conveyor controls, start / e-stop buttons. Mounted on painted base frame. Last running gallon wine containers.

OAD: 137" L x 72" W x 108" H

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