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MRM Elgin Filler Paste Twin TWIN

  • Manufacturer: MRM Elgin
  • Model Number: TWIN
  • Frain Number: 5D0031

Automatic in-line twin piston filler. Equipped with a nine gallon agitated stainless steel product hopper, twin 16 oz. pistons with a fill range from 2oz. to 16 oz., 1/2" fill nozzles, bottom up fill and 6′ long flited conveyor set on 5" centers. All stainless steel or food grade non metalic contact parts. Speed dependant on product and application.

OAD: 81" L x 30" W x 78"H

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MRM Elgin Filler Can Piston RPF8

  • Manufacturer: MRM Elgin
  • Model Number: RPF8
  • Frain Number: 5C8241

MRM Model RPF8, Automatic 8 head rotary piston filler capable of speeds from 20 to 120 container per minute – depending on product and fill volume. Maximum container size: 5" diameter x 12" height. Currently set up with 16 oz pistons. Equipped with 14 gallon, heated hopper and has level detector, mechanical container height and piston adjustment, no container / no fill, 4-1/2" x 6′ conveyor track, stainless steel contact parts and Lexan guarding.
Air requirements: 60 psi at 1 CFM.
Maximum fill volume per application (with proper pistons)
Left to right product flow.

OAD: 120" L x 48" W x 80" H Weight: 3000 LBS

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MRM Elgin Filler Liquid Grav/Press 8-HD ROTARY

  • Manufacturer: MRM Elgin
  • Model Number: 8-HD ROTARY
  • Frain Number: 5F5108

MRM Elgin Model 8-Head rotary, gravity / overflow filler with speeds – depending on materials and appliction. Equipped with 84" long x 2-1/4" wide conveyor, star wheel in feed and discharge, no container/no fill, with 20" OD turrett with (8) bottom up fill, 1/2" OD nozzles set on 5-1/2" centers with stainless steel product hopper and float valve, mounted on stainless steel base frame. Capable of handling both plastic and glass containers with proper change parts.

OAD: 84" L x 48" W x 80" H

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