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Prater Airlock PAV8

  • Manufacturer: Prater
  • Model Number: PAV8
  • Frain Number: 5G6630

Prater, Model PAV8X.C.I, 8" diameter rotary airlock. Rated for .30 ft³ per revolution. Equipped with a 12" x 12" OD / 8" x 8" ID flanged inlet, 12" x 12" OD / 8" x8" ID flanged discharge and powered by a ¾ hp drive with a 55:1 ratio gearbox.

OAD: 30"L x 25" W x 15" H

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Prater Mill Hammer G6HFSI-SS

  • Manufacturer: Prater
  • Model Number: G6HFSI-SS
  • Frain Number: 5G8010

Prater, Model G6HFSI-SS, Heavy duty, stainless steel, full screen, hammer mill. Production rates – depending on materials, application and machine configuration. Equipped with a 19¼" x 12¼" OD (15½" x 8¾" ID) top flanged product in feed, 540 in² screen area, 11" OD recessed reversible rotor with (48) 7¾" long by 2" wide swinging impact blades, powered by a 25 hp drive. Side access doors, 15" x 15" OD (12" x 12" ID) flanged bottom discharge port with 19" floor clearance. Mounted on heavy duty base frame.

OAD: 62"L x 32"W x 54"H

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Prater Sifter 9RU1

  • Manufacturer: Prater
  • Model Number: 9RU1
  • Frain Number: 5G3641

Prater Model 9RU1, continuous, centrifugal, sifter / scalper with production rates per hour – depending on materials and application. 410 in² of effective screen area and has a particle size range from 1/4" to 44 microns (325 mesh) with proper change parts. Equipped with 8" O.D product inlet port, with side and front hinged clamp down access doors, 7" in Diameter x 18" in Length removeable screen and scrape paddle rotor assembly designed for metered feed. 8" O.D flanged primary (fine) discharge port, and 7" O.D flanged secondary (coarse) discharge port and vari speed controller. Capable of handling a wide variety of powders, granules, agglomerates and other free-flowing materials.

OAD: 55" L x 30" W x 72" H

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