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Siebler Form & Fill Strip Packaging 9010

  • Manufacturer: Siebler
  • Model Number: 9010
  • Frain Number: 5B2729

Strip packer for tablets & capsules. Automatic feeding capability & capable of processing 10 to 100 tablets per minute or 10 to 100 capsules per minute per minute – depending on materials and application. Maximum film range 90mm foil width. Packing material: all heatsealable films (Cellophane, Aluminium, Coated Paper & Laminates.Not Pure Polyethylene). Designed to run 4 sided seal pouch, currently set up for 2 up

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Siebler Form & Fill Strip Packaging HMI/528

  • Manufacturer: Siebler
  • Model Number: HMI/528
  • Frain Number: 5D3633


Fully automatic high speed strip packaging and display cartoning line capable of speeds of over 2000 pouches per minute. Cycle speed up to 250 cycles per minute. Has 500mm web width for dual rolls or can use single roll w/spliiter. Features an Allen Bradley 5/15 PLC controller and Fife Web Tracking System located at unwind station and feed rollers. Equipped with front to back registration for both configurations. Has Medtronics UV ink printer w/dryer for lot and expiration or web printing. Has preheat section, perf station, fiber optic tablet detection with reject, vibratory disc tablet or caplet feeders w/quick changeover mechanism (30 – 45 minutes). Several change parts available for single or dual tablet or caplets in a pouch from a 10 up to 5 up configuration. Capable of speeds up to 4800 tablets or 3200 capsules/min. Has a 500 mm foil width.

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