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Sunkist Food Service Equipment Cutter, Slicer Slicer AUTO 90

The Sunkist Food Service Model Auto 90 automatic commercial sectionizer, rated from 18 to 90 pieces of product per minute – depending on materials and application. 24" diameter turn table with (8) 3-5/8" diameter blade cups and plungers set on 7" centers 32" long x 18" wide stainless steel mesh discharge conveyor belt with 48" discharge height, enclosed safety guarding and control panel with machine, conveyor, carousel, on / off switches reverse / forward and carousel speed dials, reset and e-stop buttons and mounted on base frame with locking casters. Easy clean up, wipe down stainless steel and interior contact surfaces with water and throw blade cups and plungers in dishwasher.

OAD: 55" L x 34" W x 72" H

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