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Vuurslag / DFE Meincke Mixer Paste Double Arm …

Vurslaag, 3700 lbs dual sigma mixer. Internal mixing chamber dimmesions of 57" long x 44" wide x 34" deep for a working capacity of 650 litre. Equipped with 6" wide x 6" thick dual sigma blades powered by a 50 Hp drive, 360° bowl discharge powered by a 2 HP drive, low pressure water cooled jacket, and controls for reset, mixer run/jog, drum run/jog, drum forward/reverse and e-stop.

Top Ports:
(2) 11"OD/6"ID 8-bolt flange with 3¾" centers
(1) 7½"OD/3"ID 4-bolt flange with 4½" centers
(1) 6"OD/2¼"ID 4-bolt flange with 3½" centers
(2) 2½"OD/2"ID tri-clamp style fittings
(1) 2"OD/1¼"ID tri-clamp style fitting
(2) 2"OD/¾"ID tri-clamp style fittings

OAD: 138"L x 87"W x 92"H

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