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Zacmi/zanichelli Meccanica Spa Filler Liquid Pos Disp

Zacmi automatic, (4) station rotary, stainless steel piston filler with number of containers per minute – depending on materials, application, size container and amount of fill. Container size and fill range per application and is capable of handling glass, plastic and metal containers and viscous product fills with or without particulates (all with proper change parts) Equipped with 36″ long x 4″ wide delron belt in feed conveyor with 24″ long container indexing worm screw. 30″ OD turret and (4) piston filling stations, set on 24″ centers and has 4″ OD x 14″ long pistons with 1″ OD fill nozzles with no container / no fill and sits on 76″ long x 66″ wide x 6″ deep stainless steel drip basin, 24″ long x 4″ wide delron belt discharge conveyor and has stainless steel centrifical product pump. Remote control panel has start, stop, reset, e-stop push buttons with manual enable switch and panel view. Mounted on stainless steel frame with enclosed safety guarding and leveling legs.
Suitable for products such as tomato paste, jams, marmalade, fruit juices, purees, slurries, baby foods,
vegetable and mineral oils.

OAD: 171″ L x 96″ W x 138″ H Filler
48″L x 24″ W x 102″ H Control Cabinet

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