Bosch Pharma Cleaner Pharmaceutical RRU3040

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Automatic vial washer. Vials feed from transfer conveyor to water bath with ultrasonic vibratory plate designed to irradiate the vials. Feed screw conveyor separates the containers and passes them to the cells of a cellular wheel. The cell lift the containers out of the water bath and transfer them to V-clamps. After this transfer, the V-clamps swivel through and pass the containers to the cleaning stations in the up end position. Internal and external cleaning takes place during the travel through the machine. For the internal cleaning the spraying needles rise into the continuously orbiting containers, following the containers in the direction of travel. The containers are sprayed and then below-dried internally. After that the spraying needles descend out of the containers and move back against the direction of container travel into their starting positions.

Speeds per diameter:
52mm up to 60 cpm
32mm up to 150 cpm
12mm – 25mm up to 200 cpm
All speed ratings are dependant on materials and application.
Up to 20ml maximum.
Change parts required to accommodate size range.

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