Glatt Dryer Fluid Bed GRG30

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  • Manufacturer: Glatt
  • Model: GRG30
  • Frain Number: 5D3611
  • Category: Dryer
  • Subcategory: Fluid Bed
  • Condition: Used, in excellent condition
  • Availability: In Stock

Batch style fluid bed dryer / granulator system consisting of main tower assembly, air discharge bag filtration system, air handling unit with HEPA filtration, roof top blower and associated control cabinets. Warm filtered air is drawn in from the bottom of the tower crossing the air slit between rotor disc and product container, creating a whirling effect. This air flow, along with the rotation of the disc, result in a doughnut like movement of the product providing uniform exposure of air to particle surface. Injecting liquids through the spray nozzle during this process allows for granulation of the particles. The bag type filter system at the air outlet retains the suspended particles. 304 Stainless steel contact parts with polished interior.

Capacity: 5 to 40 Kg Dry (11 to 88 Lb)
Maximum working volume: 60 Liters
Temperature range: -10 to 60 Celsius
Total heating capacity: 50 kW
Maximum air volume: 1500 cubic meters/hr
(52,972 cubic feet/hr)
Steam consumption: 80 kg/hr (176 lb / hr)
Compressed air Consumption: 45 cubic meters/hr
(1589 Cubic feet/hr)
OAD of Main Tower = 56" w x 70" L x 125′ H

The Frain Advantages

  • Complete Line Integration
  • Machinery Retrofit and Recondition
  • In-House Testing, Proof of Concept, Trial Runs
  • On-Site Installation and Training
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • 35 Years In Business


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