Photo of J H Day Mixer Paste Vertical NAUTA RA78

J H Day Mixer Paste Vertical NAUTA RA78

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Nauta, cone shaped mixer designed use on powders or paste applications. Dry materials are charged (loaded) thru top opening 10" ports. Mixer is rated up to 78 cu ft working capacity or 586 gallons. Mixer utilizes auger that rotates the circumference of the vessel. The screw auger’s spiral action is upward, lifting ingredients from the bottom of the cone up through and intermingles the product together. At the same time, the orbital action moves the material away from tank wall towards the center. The materail moved upward gravitates downward for a complete mix. Process generates limited heat build up and is one of the quickest mixing methods. Auger is supported at bottom by a "captive ball support". A mixer of this capacity is generally diven by a 7.5HP on screw auger and 1 hp on arm drive. Motor is not included. Vessel is mild steel and was last used in chemical application. OAD: 140"h x 80"dia.

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