Photo of Jones Form & Fill Volumetric PK4000

Jones Form & Fill Volumetric PK4000

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Jones Model PK4000, High speed, horizontal, continuous motion, form, fill and seal pouch machine rated up to 328 feet per minute with number of pouches – depending on materials, application, fill and size pouch. Machine is set on 3-1/2" centers currently running pouch 3-1/2" in Width x 6-1/2 in Height. Pouches are made from film stock unwind stand with (2) film rolls, the film is pulled from the rollers thru a forming plow that folds the roll stock length wise to form a pouch strip which is then wrapped at 180 degree’s around the vertical heated rotary drum sealer set on 3-1/2" centers, to vacuum transfer wheels that opens the pouch strip and takes them to the rotary 42 head filling plate with dual auger fillers, the filled pouch strip is then pulled thru top heat sealing bars, then turned 90 degress to rotary knife mechanism that cuts the pouch strip into individual pouches. Mounted on heavy duty frame with safety door guarding.

Capable of running pouch materials of paper, cellopane, foil, polypropylene as well as other laminates.

OAD: ___" L x __" W x __" H

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