LMC Lewis M Carter Manufactori Conveyor Vibratory

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Vibratory, sizing, separation and feed conveyor system. 228" L x 18" W x 6" D, single deck vibratory conveyor has a 79" L x 36" W x 24" H, S/S, split product feed hopper, and top 144" L x 17 1/2" W x 1 1/2" D, S/S, screw on, removable separation screen with 1" dia product sizing holes and left angled oversize product discharge chute. Remaining product drops down to main conveyor section that has a 8" L x 17" W separation section with 1/4" dia sizing holes and right angled undersize product discharge chute, final good product is discharged on left angled product chute at end of conveyor all with 41" floor clearence, 2 hp motor drive with saftey guarding and is mounted on a heavy duty painted base frame, can be used for uniform large / small / right on product separtation without scalping.

OAD: 228" L x 40" W x 60" H

OAD: 192" L x 60" W x 130" H

The Frain Advantages

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  • Machinery Retrofit and Recondition
  • In-House Testing, Proof of Concept, Trial Runs
  • On-Site Installation and Training
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • 40+ Years In Business


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