Photo of Oakes Mixer Paste Horizontal 4MB3A

Oakes Mixer Paste Horizontal 4MB3A

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Oakers Model 4MB3A, lab model, continuous mixer, aerator rated from 150 lbs to 500 lbs per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with mixing head of two stators and a rotor, and is assembled with the stators surrounding the rotor. The rows of blades on the rotor are located between those on the stators, with no contact between moving and stationary elements. The mixing takes place between the teeth of the rotor and each of the two stators. Ingredients enter the head through the center of the rear stator, flow in a swirling path between the blades of the rotor and rear stator to the outer circumference of the stator cavity, then between the teeth of the front stator and rotor and out the center of the front stator. Product is discharged under pressure, it may be piped directly to the point of use thus eliminating any manual handling of the finished material. Air or other gas may be incorporated in the mixture and evenly distributed throughout the whole mass. The stator members are jacketed through which coolants may be circulated, thereby removing heat energy added as a result of the mixing action.
OAD: 3’L x 3’W x 5’H

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