Oden Filler Liquid Grav/Press GEN3GETA8H

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Never used in production! Fully Automatic 10 head Promatic/Gravtronic filler capable of speeds over 200 CPM. Has 10 Mass Flow Meters (Andres & Housen) to provide filling accuracies of +/- 0 .1%. Eight of the heads were used for filling 10 – 60ml containers at 200 CPM and two heads were used for filling 2.5 and 4 ML containers. Machine is expandable to 14 heads. Has 316L contact parts. Includes Microdose nozzles that have positive shut off for higher viscosity products: Also includes a set of 8 pinch valves for free flowing products. Filling range up 260 ML.. Has timing screw infeed system with no container no fill. Taylor touch screen controller with menu to hold up to 100 recipes. Includes Waukesha pump to supply manifold with product. Capillary Nozzles, Flow meters fulfill the general EMC (Electromagnetic Capability) requirements. Last ran 2.5,4, 5, 10,15,30 and 60 ML pharmaceutical suspensions and liquids.

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  • Complete Line Integration
  • Machinery Retrofit and Recondition
  • In-House Testing, Proof of Concept, Trial Runs
  • On-Site Installation and Training
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • 35 Years In Business


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