Solbern Filler Can Solid PFDP

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40 Pocket rotary, continous motion, volumetric filler capable of speeds up to 400 cpm – depending on materials and application. Volume of fill is determined by diameter and height of the product pockets (which are change parts) currently set with (40) 1-1/4" diameter x 4" deep product pockets, all stainless steel construction, equipped with 54" L product worm screw container infeed, 4 pocket exposed product load area, with optional water nozzle product assist fill system (for stickier products) and level wipers. PLC, with control panel, has start, stop, jog, conveyor and volume, control buttons with e-stop, and colored status light bar. Can handle products like diced meat, vegetables, fruits, grainulars, etc. and was Last filling 4-1/2 oz glass baby food jars with fruits, vegtables and meats at rates from 200 – 400 cpm.

OAD: 96" L x 55" W x 78" H

The Frain Advantages

  • Complete Line Integration
  • Machinery Retrofit and Recondition
  • In-House Testing, Proof of Concept, Trial Runs
  • On-Site Installation and Training
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • 35 Years In Business


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