Stokes Boc Edwards Dryer Freeze 72-245

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Stokes Model 72-245 freeze dryer with (7) usable shelves 48" wide x 36" deep x 1-1/4" thick with 3-5/8" clearence, comprising of 84 sq. ft. surface area with pounds of product per hour – depending on materials and application Shelf temperature between -40 F and 180 F with a chill down from 75 F to -40 F in 1.5 hours. Skid mounted external condenser has (4) plates, 50 square foot and 100 liter load capacity at 20mm ice thickness and has a baffled interior to ensure even ice distribution. Refrigeration unit has a York (2) Stage 20 Hp motor uses Freon 502 refrigerant and has a Copeland semi hermetic 3 Hp auxiliary chilling system. Honeywell chart recorder, with vacuum pressure gauge, vacuum pressure recorder, shelf and condenser temperature controllers and Autolyophile AL-101 PLC controls. 304 stainless steel with #4 finish.

OAD: 84" W x 114" L x 93" H (Chamber unit)
94" W x 82" L x 81" H (Condenser unit)

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