Multi Tube Connectors with John Henry

During equipment changeovers there are usually pneumatic, vacuum, sensor electrical and other connections to be made up.

Quick Setting Filler Nozzles with John Henry

Pat Reynolds discusses Frain Industries service offerings.

Packaging World Technology Minute

Pat Reynolds discusses Frain Industries service offerings.

Secrets of Round Bottle Labeling with John Henry

Changeover from front and back to wrap labeling.

Single Point Finger Adjuster with John Henry

Set up for nozzle fillers can be tedious and tricky to nail by hand. Using a single point adjuster helps the machine to adjust to bottles of different sizes, freeing up mechanics for other tasks.

Magnetic Mounting

Magnets can be a useful means of eliminating tools during changeover. In some cases, the magnet can provide 100% of the holding force.

Handknobs For Faster Changeover with John Henry

Reduce changeover time by eliminating tools. One way to do this is by leveraging handknobs and handlevers effectively.

Toggle Clamps For Changeover with John Henry

Toggle clamps are a useful way to eliminate the need for tools during changeovers.

Package Design for Changeover with John Henry

Package Design: Simple changes can make a big difference. This video discusses several real life examples of what not to do with package design to avoid unnecessary downtime and loss of manufacturing capacity.