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Add a Cartoner to Your Line to Create Consistently-Beautiful Boxes and Save Tons of Time

Cartoners save you a ton of time and, set up correctly, can give you consistently beautiful boxes that shoppers love. And when you have the right machine, running at the right speed, and tuned correctly, your line could be making music.

The music of efficiency.

So what do you use a cartoner for?
A deck of cards.
Contact lense boxes.
Boxing pouches of teas.
Toothpaste boxes.
Basically, anything that goes into a box.

Frain knows cartoners inside and out, mostly because our engineers fully go through each machine as it hits our floor. And we can recommend the perfect cartoner, based on your line, size and other variables most people don’t think of.

Once we get it shipped and delivered to your facility, we fine-tune it on the floor to match your line.

To top it off, Frain offers industry-leading flexible financing and lightning-quick delivery on all of our machines. Give our engineering team a call today to get started. Frain: do more, faster, for less.

Contact Frain to find out about our flexible financing and quick delivery today. Call our engineering team at 630-473-8855 to get started.

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