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Mojonnier / Universal Beverage Beverage M72SRD72-6

Combo, Model M flow mix / Model RT3 carbo cooling system rated from 2000 to 4800 gph with cooling capacities from 80 to 36 deg F depending on product and type refrigeration unit (not included). Components consist of flo mixer (head over orifice) type proportioner for rationing syrup and water, 60" diameter x 60" straight wall carbo cooler tank has 72 plates with bolt down dome top cover and dish bottom, rated at 85 psi @ 200 deg F for cooling and carbonating has (2) side 3" OD top (2) 2" OD bottom ammonia ports. 16" diameter x 80" long ammonia reservoir surge tank rated at 250 psi @ 650 deg F. 10 Hp centrifugal pump with 8" diameter rotor, 2" OD inlets and 3-1/2" OD outlets. Control panel has manual / auto, water, syrup, compressor, pump, and surge controls, pressure gauges, with a Wekslor chart recorder. Produces a uniform carbonated product efficiently cooling to 36 deg F under a controlled atmosphere of C02, water, and syrup mix.
OAD: 120" L x 100" W 120" H

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