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Plastic Equipment – Plastic equipment is a category that covers a wide range of machines used in the processing and production of products made of plastic. The production of plastic products can be accomplished using a number of different methods. Injection molding equipment injects molten plastic into a mold that has the shape of the product to be produced. As the hot plastic cools, the plastic will hold the shape of the mold even once it has been removed from the mold. Injected molded products are solid plastic. Blow molding plastic equipment uses a thin tube of warm plastic film that is positioned inside a mold. Once inside the mold, air or some other gas is blown into the film tube to push the plastic film out to the shape of the mold. (Plastic garbage cans are made using blow molding.) Plastic extrusion machinery or plastic extruders force hot molten plastic through a forming die to form a specific shape for the product. Plastic grinders or regrind machines are used to grind plastic products back into plastic pellets. The ground plastic (called regrind) can then be mixed with virgin ground plastic pellets and processed back into plastic.

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