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Let the Frain Group help you find the right refrigeration equipment for your project! Refrigeration equipment, also commonly known as chillers, are designed to cool, chill, or refrigerate different types of media including water and air.One popular type of refrigeration equipment is the air chiller, also known as an air condenser. These types of refrigeration equipment are usually operated in conjunction with an air compressor. The process of compressing air raises the temperature of the air, and the air must be cooled prior to being used.

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Pacific Rim Machinery Internat Refrigeration PRM-HC-05PACI

PRM, Model PRM-HC-05PACI, air cooled chiller. Specifications are dependent on – fluid choice, fluid temperatures, ambient temperature and system configuration. Flow Rate: 22 GPM @ 0 psi. Process temperature minimum: 41° F. Equipped with an air cooled condensar, 17 gallon reservoir capacity, 1" NPT inlet / outlets for process liquid, compressor and pump on / off switches and digital temp controller.

OAD: 50"L x 27"W x 53"H

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Dunham Bush Refrigeration WCFX10ARBG1A1

  • Manufacturer: Dunham Bush
  • Model Number: WCFX10ARBG1A1
  • Frain Number: 5F1259

Dunham Bush, 100 Ton, water cooled, rotary screw chiller. Designed for the purpose of cooling water, or other non-corrosive liquids. Consists of Model 1210 compressor with 3500 rpm, Model B1 evaporator designed water side 150 psi, designed refrigeration side 300 psi, water volume 17 gallons, Model A1 condensor designed water side 150 psi, designed refrigeration side 300 psi, water volume 19 gallons and GPM varied per number of passes (1-3) passes depending on application, uses R22 refrigerant, with refrigeration charge of 160 lbs. Has Microcomputer controls ASME coded, and is a compact, and quiet designed unit.

OAD: 120" L x 48" W x 72" H

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Century Refrigeration Refrigeration CRWC-AC6BD50L7-SP

Century Model CRWC-AC6BD50L7-SP,17 ton, air cooled, glycol chiller rated at 59.4 gpm. Uses R-507 refrigerant, with maximum operating charge of 200 lbs, 50% glycol propylene fluid and design ambient of 105 Deg F, with entering solution temperature of -2 Deg F and leaving solution temperature of -10 Deg F. (2) Bitzer air cooled, time delayed compressors with 25 Hp motor drives, tube and shell evaperator with a temperture range of -40 to -0 Deg F, (2) 10" OD x 60" long heated and insulated receiving tanks with spring loaded relief valves, all 2-1/2 OD threaded fluid inlets / outlet ports and (6) 28" OD top mounted multiwing 1 Hp condenser fans with 1140 rpm. Oil seperator, insulated suction accumulator, liquid line solenoid and liquid dryer all with replaceable cores. Johnson touch pad controls.

OAD: 168" L x 106" W x 92" H

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