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Skin packaging equipment is designed to create a tight package around a product from a plastic film. The package created by skin packaging equipment is very tight to the shape of the product, or skin tight. Skin packaging equipment places product on top of a card or tray. The product is then over-wrapped with skin packaging film. A skin film is drawn tight to the product by drawing air out of the package through the use of a vacuum.Skin packaging machines are designed with different levels of automation. The simplest skin packaging machines require operators to load the product onto the tray or card, pull the skin packaging film over the product and tray, activate the machine cycle, and discharge the skin package from the machine. More automatic skin packaging equipment can perform additional steps in the skin packaging process automatically. The level of automation of the skin packaging necessary for the application is dependent upon the application, the output required of the skin packaging machine, and other application specifications.

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Zed Skin Packaging EZ SKINTRIM

  • Manufacturer: Zed
  • Model Number: EZ SKINTRIM
  • Frain Number: 5F3320

ZED EZSKINTRIM, Semi-auto, skin packaging and die cutting combo system with speeds and number of product – depending on materials, application and operator dexterity. Equipped with 24" long x 18" wide seal area, with 3" maximum product height. Film pre heater, locking radiant heat seal panel and 40" long skin pack product card slide, which carries card to 24" L x 18" wide hydraulic operated die cutting section. Control panel with heat, form, trim, time dial controls and hydro pump, cut-off, cycle select, on / off switches with e-stop. Mounted to a single, space saving base frame. Film Specs: up to 20" in Width; up to 12" in Diameter; 3" core.

OAD: 127" L x 33" W x 68" H

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Ampak Heat Seal Equipment Skin Packaging DU2400

Ampak DU2400, Automatic skin packaging system for rated from 4 to 12 cycles per minute. Sheets up to 18 1/2" x 24". Product heigth to 3-1/2". Automatic unit with 8′ infeed, product laod area, intermediate station and 80 ton – 4 post hydraulic die cutting station with out-of-position detector. Additional features include pin-register, double film mandrels, vacuum pump and cooling fans. Has an 8′ infeed section with E-stops, and a 5′ out feed section. Has spare die guards and printing plates available for additional cost. Includes Quick clamps on chains for easy changeover.

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