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Calumatic Ovens Depyrogenation CST12L

  • Manufacturer: Calumatic
  • Model Number: CST12L
  • Frain Number: 5C9732

Calumatic Model CST Series, sterilization and de-pyrogenation tunnel oven rated up to 1200 vials per batch – depending on materials, application and size of vial being run. Vial size range and outputs of: 2ml@790 per minute to 200ml@40 per minute. It’s design enables precise process requirements, and minimizes pressure fluctuation within the asepic area, while operating at temperatures in excess of 360 Deg C. Has HEPA (high efficency particulate air) filters, all stainless steel 48" wide x 14′ long mesh container handling belt, with 9′ in sterilization section, were items are heated up to an equal initial temperature and evenly heated, sterilized and depyrogenized by infrared radiant heat and dwell time is Approx 20 minutes. Has remote control panel and was running in conjuction with Clamatic CRW-1 high speed rotary cleaner. Last running in conjunction with Calumatic CRW-TP28 vial washer.

OAD: 180" L x 52" W x 84" H.

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Calumatic Cleaner Pharmaceutical CRW-TP28

  • Manufacturer: Calumatic
  • Model Number: CRW-TP28
  • Frain Number: 5C9731

Calumatic Model CRW-TP28, Automatic, stainless steel, rotary, vial washer rated from 720 to 1800 vials per hour – depending on materials, application and size of vial being run. Vial size range: 14mm to 80mm in Diameter; up to 177mm in Height. Vials are conveyed from 36" OD unscrambler to the in feed station where they are inverted and passed through the 10 head wash station and then up righted at the discharge station. Control panel has push button controls with start, stop and e-stop. Mounted on stainless steel frame.
Last operating in conjunction with Calumatic CST12L sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel.

Requires independent supply tank for WFI water supply.

OAD: 4’L x 4′ W x 4’5" H

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Multipack Shrink Bundler MTV4 Multipack Shrink Bundler MTV4 Calumatic Capper 4 Head (Capper) MTV4

  • Manufacturer: Calumatic
  • Model Number: MTV4
  • Frain Number: 5C8811

Multipack F40, Automatic stretch / shrink bander capable of speeds from 10 to 30 Bundles per minute – depending on materials and application. Inline feed into up-stacker.
Package size range: Length 40 – 350mm; Width 12 – 90mm; Depth 40 – 300mm.
Bundle size range: Length 60 – 350; Width 20 – 200mm; Depth 40 – 300mm
OAD: 72"tall 78"wide 30"deep

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