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Despatch Ind Inc Ovens Depyrogenation TUNNEL-DEPYRO

Depyrogenation flow thru system, 48"wide x 19′ Long. Stainless steel construction. Electric/radiant heat up to 750 degrees F. Operating temp of 662 degrees F. Tunnel is a laminar flow, class 100, processing system designed for the parenteral market providing continuous vial supply to a high speed automatic filling line. Features automatic pressure balance to prevent washer room air from entering the sterile room. Includes linear cooling of glassware to reduce thermal shock. Hepa filtration air system with easy filter access through alarmed doors. Designed with four zones; pressure balance air dry, two heating zones and cooling zone prior to glassware exit. Plc controls. Originally used with vial fill, stoppering and cap line in a continuous operation. (Overall size: 66"W x 240"L x 110"H).

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