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MAC/Sentinel Feeder Vacuum 10T/HR

  • Manufacturer: MAC/Sentinel
  • Model Number: 10T/HR
  • Frain Number: 5D6378

Bulk powder vacuum transport system rated to move product at 20,000 lbs per hour – depending on materials and application. Equipped with vacuum recieving tank rated .75 psig @ 400F minimum and 1.25 psig @ 400F maximum with (2) 6" ID ports and 50 HP vacuum blower assy with heat exchanger to cool product lines. Vacuum tank has 10" ID flanged bolt-down discharge to rotary valve which transports product into Eriez magnetic filtration system with 10" ID product inlet & (2) 6" OD product outlets. From Eriez unit, product is fed to 48" dia. Sweco 12 mesh sifter. Sifter sends product to hopper with rotary valve. 75 HP pressure blower equipped with heat exchanger to cool product line sends product to desired location. Allen Bradley SLC5/03 PLC w/ touch screen display. Units mounted on mild steel frames for stability. Last used to transport sugar from rail car to storage tanks.

OAD: 88"(L) x 82"(W) x 267"(H)

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